failure modes

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Excessive and Unequal angles

Driveshaft Angles are a huge cause for failure and vibration in driveshafts.  Driveshafts cannot run with no angle, but excessive and/ or unequal angles will cause U - joints to prematurely fail and cause vibration in the driveshaft.

To get the most out of the life of your U - Joints; angles should be less than 3degrees (but more than 1/2 a degree).

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Lack of Grease

Lack of proper lubrication is the most common cause of premature failure in u-joint kits and slip assemblies. Properly sized u-joints that are adequately lubricated at recommended intervals will normally meet or exceed fleet operational requirements.

Inadequate lube cycles, and failure to lubricate the u-joints and slip splines properly, will not only cause premature u-joint kit failures, but may lead to other problems, such as slip spline seizures. Re-lubrication at recommended intervals flushes abrasive contaminants from the u-joints and slip components, helping to optimize the life of the driveshaft.


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